Friday, March 16, 2012

Pet Hair Battle Zone

I've almost fallen to my knees in tears over the amount of fur our floors collect.  With two large dogs and two cats the shedding in our home has gotten completely out of control and I'm taking this war head on!

Here are my two new favorite weapons:

In my left harness I have FurGOpet's Large Dog Deshedder.  You can't even call this thing a brush, more like a miracle worker.  So much hair came off of Shadow that I could have made 5 Scooters.  Promise.  

The second I started brushing him, I knew that it will all be ok.  I honestly didn't even know where all the hair was coming from.  It was fluffy and thick and Shadow really enjoyed the brushing.  Seeing the balls of fur covering the grass around us made me so grateful that I bought the brush even though it was more than $20.

In my right harness I have Scotch's Fur Fighter Sweeper.  I have a Dyson, Swiffer, and old school mop and I would choose this over all of them for everyday purposes.  And by everyday, I mean everyday I use this sweeper!  It's so fast and easy.  It fits under anything and the hair doesn't fly around when you sweep.  I haven't even put this guy away, it's in my kitchen right now waiting for some fur to fall of an animal.  

Things that didn't work:  A thousand other deshedder brushes, Scotch's Fur Fighter Auto Interior Brush, and ignoring it to see if it would disappear.  

Hope these new discoveries help others that are loosing this battle.

Love, Sarah


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