Thursday, April 12, 2012

Museo de Insectos at the University of Costa Rica

Ever since I fell in love with my first Costa Rican bug (click here for link) I have been dying to learn more about them.  I did some research to find the only insect museum to be at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose.  So finally on this trip we drove up a day early to explore what the Museo de Insectos had to offer.   

I was immediately welcomed by some old friends.  This is a rhino beetle and they are super duper strong.  

This guy was actually flying next to our truck as we left our house.  We almost thought it was a bird!

I enjoyed how evil this grasshopper looked.  I think he must have been a bad ass in his day.

Then I saw some fashion forward insects...

color blocking


neutrals with neon accents 


black and white


and Missoni.

These were born never to be seen...

Look closely.  There is a long insect covering this stick.

Each thorn is actually a separate insect on this stick.

...and these are just down right cool.

I came to the conclusion that I miss seeing the insects alive and moving in their natural habitat.  I also realized that there might not be too much documented research on Costa Rican insect, let alone in the Osa.  Paul thinks I should work with the University on creating a book.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.

Love, Sarah


Nicole Marie said...

This is soo cool & your pictures are awesome!

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