Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8 minute meal

I stress out cooking.  I try to pretend it's "relaxing" to me or that I enjoy it.  But who are we kidding?  I literally drop a jar of something almost every time and even throw things across the kitchen while I cook. 

So let me introduce you to my new best friend, Mr. Jicama. 

I can turn this guy into a meal my husband enjoys and I can even declare it's healthy.  You just grab a peeler and take off the skin like a potato.

Then I cut off slices that are not too thick or thin. 

I put aside a few whole slices for my "torta" shells and cut the rest up into "chips".  

I set these out for Paul to munch on while I cut up the bird. 

You can't beat already hot chicken. 

I put a layer of sour cream on the jicama, and add the chicken and some cheese.   

Voila!  A healthy meal in literally minutes.

Of course you can get fancier with these, but I'm literally just proud of the fact that it's hot.  Click here for the original recipe that I found on my nutritionist's blog.

Love, Sarah


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