Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sergeant's Big-Boy Bed!

Sergeant's birthday was last week and he's a grand nine years old.  We kept it low key with plenty of Frosty Paw's, but I knew I wanted to get him a new bed.  Since this couch and now this chair are gone he hasn't been super-duper comfy in awhile.  

I got him a regular dog bed, but he's so heavy that the cushion doesn't last long.  

I then had the genius idea to buy a toddler mattress.  It was an instant hit!  And the great thing is it's waterproof and I can wash the sheets anytime I want. 

Now he just has to come up with a way to keep his brothers off of it...

Love, Sarah

Helpful tip:  The cheapest mattresses at Baby's R Us and Target are plastic don't let air out when a heavy dog lays on it.  The air fills up all around and makes the surface uneven.  By spending a little bit more I was able to get a cloth one and just put a waterproof cover over it.  


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