Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pho is for Lovers

I came up with a game today to decide where we should eat.  Everyone names a new restaurant we haven't been to before and then I'll decide on which one (Wednesday's are my days to pick).  Jun called out Pho is for Lovers (which we've all been to before) but everyone was on board before we could even hear the next option.  So they ruined my game, but we all won in the end.  Pho is for Lovers has the best Vietnamese plates (or bowls) around.  

We all love a good Thai tea.    

What's funny is none of us ended up ordering Pho for our meal.  Brandon picked the roast chicken rice pate which comes with an egg roll.

Jun ordered the tofu rice plate with a fried egg on top. 

Justin and I both got the chicken vermicelli.  I find the rice noodles to be so refreshing.  It was perfect with us both getting stuck in the sun on the "patio" (a couple of table and chairs on the front entrance).

I did a solid and ordered summer rolls for the table.  We were so full from our meal that we couldn't even finish all of them.

I didn't take any interior pictures but the restaurant is very trendy and super clean.  You can tell they take pride in their establishment and they're always eager to help you order.

I would grab your lover and eat some Pho as soon as you can!

Love, Sarah


Natalie Blankenship said...

Love this post Sarah! And love Pho is for Lovers. Ryan and I go there 3 times a week most weeks! yum yum yumm

LindseyC said...

Oh you tease! I would love to find a Pho place over here, but I'm afraid they don't exist. I didn't even know I was craving it so much until I saw this page! Guess I'll have to get clever and try to make it…

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