Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Daughter

To you this could look like a stack of cardboard cutouts.  To my husband it looks like trash (he actually threw them away 10 minutes ago).  To me, it's me becoming my mother's daughter.  

You see, my Mom is on the borderline of being a craft hoarder.  Some may even say she's passed the line, but she always has the perfect item to make whatever she wants to create.  The moment I saw these at work I knew I wanted to take them home and make something fun out of them.  I can see them becoming menu's at a dinner party, adding little sketches pinned to them on the wall, or dividers between pictures or craft paper.  

But the moment I saw them, I immediately knew I was becoming more and more like my Mom.  I'm just crossing my fingers that doesn't stop with hoarding.  I'm hoping that it continues on with my faith in God, being a Mom and knowing the perfect balance of giving advice without telling what to do, and always having a huge hug open and ready.  

I can't thank God enough for putting the perfect Mother and friend into my life.  

Love, Sarah

...oh and don't worry, I was able to pull all but one cardboard piece out of the trash.  


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