Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Jamie Morning Sunday

I went over to my friend Jamie's house this morning.  She has been wanting to recapture this picture with her white cat Finn.  Jamie is a huge cat lover and it doesn't stop with domestic cats.  She is on the board of Big Cat Care (where Paul and I adopted Serena).  She has volunteered over 750 hours and is always helping with fundraising opportunities that benefit the cats.  Right now she is working on raising money to cool the summer down for the tigers.  Click here to see details on an upcoming Hot Vinyasa class where all the proceeds goes to creating pools and shade for the upcoming hot summer. 

I hadn't been over to Jamie's new home yet and I was blown away with it's calm serenity.  The second you walk in you are greeted with fresh scents, a cool breeze, and soft colors.  I immediately felt at home.

She has three beautiful cats, this here is Monkey.  But just like my girl Lizzy, her girl wouldn't come out either.  Her two boys were the sweetest and had gorgeous soft hair.

Every detail in her home is unique and carefully selected.  I always new she had taste from her Pinterest, but she carries it over to her "real" world also.

I would love (for her) to bake cute desserts and hearty breakfasts (for me) in her kitchen.

We were giving Finn so much attention with taking his picture, that Monkey kept coming in front of me posing.  I much obliged and happily snapped his picture.

 I adored all her little details.  She took the ordinary and gave it a special touch.  

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks Sarah! You are so sweet and I am glad you got to see the place. Thank you again for being such a great photographer this morning. I can't wait to show off the finished project!!

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