Monday, May 21, 2012

TSUMO Arcade Machine

I usually don't work on weekends, but this weekend I had to work at Comic Con.  Paul usually stays busy with projects and work, so I figured he wouldn't even notice I was gone.  Well...what does he do?  He goes to an arcade auction with his friend Robbie and comes back with this!

It's a TSUMO arcade machine and you know he's already taken it apart and is messing with the hydraulics before the weekends even over.  He got it for a STEAL and it usually starts at $8,500. and is easily worth $12,000.  Click here for a video of it in action.

Paul can't leave anything alone so he is going to find a race chair to replace the red plastic one it came with, put in back beams to attach speakers to, and enclosing it with camo net to make it look like you're in a pill box.  Ugh, does everyone's husbands come up with so many projects??

We'll have a welcome to the family party once this thing is all set up.  Please come and play.

Love, Sarah


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