Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Off-Site Kitchen

The moment you walk up to Off-Site Kitchen you feel proud to be an American.  I haven't been to a restaurant that wasn't on a military base that showed the amount of red, white, and blue to support our past and present soldiers.  

And when you walk inside you feel like a Texan.  You're immediately welcomed with smiling cooks in the back and friendly staff throughout the restaurant.  I knew beforehand that I was going to try their burger, but after seeing their full menu, I can't wait to go back again!

 The amount of drink options was absurd.  They literally had every kind of drink you can imagine surrounding you.  I'm talking cans of soda, bottled drinks from Mexico, coffee, fountain drinks including Kool-Aid and OG Gatorade, fresh squeezed juices, and even beers starting at 8oz to High Life's 32oz Oil Can.  ...I couldn't decide so I stuck to a bottle of water.  

 We sat out back and with the fans and military netting it felt wonderful.  

We played foosball while we waited on our burgers.  Justin was a soccer player, so he kicked our butt with Jun and I playing against him.  I'm a poor looser so I stopped playing.   

I ordered a Stock Cheese burger.  It's comes with on-site ground Angus chuck roll and shoulder meat and a Village Baking Co. bun.  It was muy delicious. 

The guys got Do It Muph-Style burgers, with roasted jalapeno's and smoked bacon relish.  Jun really liked the fries.  I looked on their menu and it says they use a California garlic salt.   

Let's just say we were fully satisfied with content bellies when we left.  

 We will be definitely coming back soon OSK!

Love, Sarah


LindseyC said...

I love your restaurant posts…. they almost make me feel like I'm there…. and restaurants in Dallas are the number one thing I miss from home!!!! This place looks awesome.

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