Friday, May 25, 2012

Living Room Renovation

We are dragging out our renovation.  If you didn't know, Paul can be quite a perfectionist and we've gone through so many wood samples and designs for the living room.  Since there is so much involved the timing has to be perfect.  We plan on creating new walls, wood floors, and custom furniture and they all have to be done in a specific order.

 This is what our living room use to look like.

This is what it currently looks like.

And we just confirmed that this is what it will look like.  Well, at least the entertainment piece.  We wanted to take away the permanent projector screen and have a fireplace for when we're not watching TV.  The screen will come down over the fireplace and the speakers will come through the fabric that is shown over the fireplace.  

Josh Rice is seriously the best designer.  He takes what we want and turns it into something that makes sense.

Here's to staying calm and carrying on while our house looks like a construction zone.

Love, Sarah


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