Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Cape Cod Day

On my last day to be alone in Cape Cod I couldn't decide what to do, so I posted this on Facebook:

"Ok, serious question. I want an answer by the time I get out of the shower. 
Today in Cape Cod, should I...

A. Go on a whale watching cruise.
B. Find the best clam chowder and try it for the first time ever.
C. Literally just drive and get lost and find my way back.

I'll do whatever the most of you tell me to do."

I received so many fun answers and the majority said all of the above.  I got heart broken when I called and found out the whale watching cruise was an all day event and I had to be back at the hotel by 3:00 p.m.  

...So I was off to find the best clam chowder and get my butt lost.

I walked into town to The Roadhouse Cafe for clam chowder, which was recommended by a Cape Cod friend enthusiast.  But for the love of God, it was closed.  I kept hightailing it towards Main St. and stopped at Gringo's.   

Their clam chowder might not be the best in Cape Cod, but it was definitely delicious!  Thankfully I didn't have anything to reference it to, but I lost my fear of clams and chowder.

I headed back to the hotel to pop into our car and just drive.  

I wanted to go North and was even thinking about looking at the map to head in the right direction.  But, I'm the absolute worse lier so I knew I couldn't look at you through my blog and lie.  I turned the opposite direction than I knew I wanted to go and just drove like I've lived there forever.  

The second I drove past this pizza shop I knew it was the same name that I was recommended to on the sticky note still stuck to my computer at work.  Our Intern Mark said it was the best pizza and after u-turning into their parking lot I saw the sign that said Best Cape Cod Pizza 8 years in a row! 

Now looking at this slice you might be disagreeing with everything you just read up above.  I did too, even after eating half of it.  But, I seriously couldn't stop.  The grease that had soaked through the dough had created a nice layer of crispy fat shellac resin goodness.  Craigville Pizza has been serving up greatness for the past 30 years.

I hit the road again until I literally ran into a beach.  Well, after paying 15 bones to park.

The day before was in the 60's so I was still rocking pants and didn't even pack a bathing suit.  I would have loved nothing more than my hide roasting in the sun, but I had to just sit their in the sand with a full wardrobe. 

I stuck out like a sore thumb so this little seagull laid pity on me and sat by my side for a minute.

I prided myself away from the beach and jumped into my rented g-ride and navigated my way back.

Thank you for inspiring me to do the right thing.

Love, Sarah


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