Monday, June 25, 2012

Martha's Vineyard

While Paul had to work in Cape Cod, I took the day to go check out Martha's Vineyard by myself.  I have always wanted to check out a new place alone and I was soaking up this opportunity.

When I cruised into Martha's Vineyard I was bombared with tourist attractions and maps that only led to three towns.  I felt trapped and contained to only be able to experience the part of the Vineyard that they would allow me.  I walked as far as I could into Oak Bluffs and ate breakfast at Slice of Life Cafe.  I then asked my waiter the most cliche of tourist questions... 

"If I could only see one thing on the island, what would it be?"    

He told me Aquinnah for sure.  He then tried to talk me out of it when I pulled out my map to see it was on the absolute opposite side of the island from where we were.  He said I could get there by several buses and I thanked him and went about my way.

Half way there on my second bus I started questioning my choice.  I was the only one on the bus besides the driver and we were only passing farms and post offices.  At that moment my song Sara Smile came on over the radio and I knew I had to trust my instinct to venture off the path.  

When I finally made it to Aquinnah the bus driver said he'll be back in an hour and pointed in two directions.  One to a view off a cliff and the other to a path towards the beach.  The second I saw this view I knew the journey was worth it.  

I walked towards the path and just took in every step. 

The wind was blowing cool air as I walked the winding trail.

The most peaceful house was placed out in the middle of nowhere.  With a population of 300 in this town, I'm sure everyone has a view similar to this one.

The trail was at least 10 minutes long, but not long enough.

When my toes touched the sand I was greeted by this cairn.  You immediately feel warmed by a past presence.  You imagine who picked out each stone and placed it with purpose.  Was it a couple, someone saddened, or possibly it was built with joy.  It's yours to create.

I gave the ocean my hello and immediately headed back. 

The path was as beautiful going as coming. 

 I headed towards the Gay Head Lighthouse.

It was first created in 1799 and stands with pride.

I took in all the sights I could before the bus driver returned.  The ride going back was a little bit more calm, knowing I had successfully checked Martha's Vineyard off my to-do list.

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

The pics were beautiful Sarah! The descriptions made me feel like I was there! Thanks for the share:)

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