Monday, June 25, 2012

Hyannis, Cape Cod

Paul and I went exploring our first day in Cape Cod.  We parked our car at the port and started walking towards the beach.  The only map I had was a drawn tourist map and everything looked closer than they actually were.  A sweet war vet pulled over and asked if he could help us.  We took his offer to get dropped off by the beach.  ...Paul had the cutest talk with me to never do that on my own and how Ted Bundy was the sweetest man until he murdered his victims.

Hyannis had some of the cutest houses.  

Flowers were everywhere and I was eating up all the front porches.  

American flags were hung at almost every house.  Being in Massachusetts always makes me feel more like an American.  Paul says it's because Texas is it's own country and goes on and on with Texas history facts.  Gotta love him.

The lifeguards were off duty so I thought I would help them out in their absence.  

I love how all beaches are different.  From the sand, surroundings, smell, and feel, it's always a new experience from coast to coast.  

Love, Sarah


LindseyC said...

Goooorgeous photos!

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