Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Girls Dine Out in Dallas!

In the past 24 hours, I've had a girls only dinner and a breakfast with two separate groups of girlfriends.  There's something refreshing and renewing when women get together.  Especially in the right atmosphere, while "breaking bread".  

Here are my top five favorite places to dine with my girls in Dallas.

ODDFELLOWS - bishop arts

Oddfellows has become the new spot for my friends Stephanie, Casey, and me.  They both have little kids, so we meet super early before the official day gets started and order a bunch of food and caffeine to get us going.   

You can't beat the pancake sampler!  Today was gingerbread, banana nut, and red velvet with super creamy whipped butter and sweet syrup.  They have a great coffee bar and I usually have at least two cappuccinos while we talk the morning away.  You can't forget about their fried egg sandwich also for a little protein and cheese.

With all the openness of the restaurant to the outside you feel like you're on a vacation in the country just miles from downtown. 

T ROOM - mckinney ave

The best thing about T Room is the menu.  This is the only restaurant in Dallas where I have the hardest time figuring out what I want to eat.  I literally go back and forth from ordering a salad, or a sandwich, or wait! maybe I should just get the combo and get both.  But then do I get the Asian Pear Salad with goat cheese and sesame ginger vinaigrette or the Spinach Apple Salad with candied pecans, blue cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette.  Then oh my, how do I choose from the French Panini with brie, dried cranberries and candied pecans from the Tuna Melt Panini with cheddar and avocado.  Ugh, too hard of decisions for such a relaxing lunch.

Add a sweet friend, blackberry tea, and shopping at Forty Five Ten and you have yourself the chic's lunch in the city.  

TWO SISTERS - gaston ave

Two Sisters is a catering company that has a little to-go store on Gaston Ave with several tables in the front of the stand alone shop.  It's one of my friends Katie and me's favorite place to catch up during a quick lunch.  I always order a low-fat dill chicken salad sandwich on croissant with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, which includes a side of their homemade chips and fill my glass up twice with their fruit flavored water.  They have so much more to choose from than just a sandwich, but what can I say ...I'm hooked.  

Major tip alert - Never leave the store without picking out a delicious dessert first.  They are all finger friendly, so don't be scared to eat them right on out of the door.  And if you are unselfish or in the need to score some points, bring some back for your co-workers!    

SUSHI AXIOM - n. henderson

This one is like a duh pick.  What girls night doesn't contemplate making it a sushi night?  Make it easy and start with a tuna tower and edamame, then just close your eyes and pick all up and down their roll menu.  I promise you, you can't go wrong.  Axiom, Lady in Red, Happily Ever After, and Happy Endings are a few of my favorites. 

If you have a good group of you going, make sure to reserve the wine room.  Warning alert, you will loose hours in there and will have to keep an eye out when you become the only table left in the restaurant.  And don't be shy when eating sushi with a group of girls.  More than likely you'll be splitting the check evenly, so get on in there and eat your share! 

POTLUCK - home sweet home

If you're sick of the evil stares from other dining patrons while you scream and laugh at each others stories over dinner or tired of having to whisper the latest gossip or deep down secrets to your girls across the table; then it's time to have a good ol' fashioned potluck!  They always bring out a different side of yourself and others when you are absolutely free to say whatever you want share.  ....just make sure no men are sticking around the house.  Give him the boot and get ready for a good time!

So there's my swear by list.  Don't forget to extend your table to new friends in your life.  You always learn so much more about each other over a shared meal.

Love, Sarah

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Kitchen with Kate said...

Awww I made it in your post! We do need to go to Two Sisters again soon... or have our own Potluck. With Fall around the corner, I think we need a day at the Farmer's Market and then night in the kitchen :-)

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